KRA Presents Workshops at NAWDP Annual Conference…Again!

For 30 years, the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) has supported workforce-services stakeholders to enhance and maintain their skills through continuing education, networking, and sharing ideas and experiences related to new and innovative programs and services.

The KRA-NAWDP partnership is a strong and long-standing one—from providing sponsorship, presentations, and video-production services for Conferences, Forums, and Symposia, to supporting KRA staff while they share their expertise as contributors to and/or members of various Board, Committee, and pilot-program activities.

 KRA sponsored 24 corporate- and program-level staff members to attend the recent 2019 Annual Conference, with three senior-level employees facilitating workshops for which NAWDP had accepted proposals for presentation.

Karen Cirincione, KRA Unit Supervisor and Contract Compliance, Greater Hartford AJC, who holds dual NAWDP credentialing, CWDP and CPRW, presented Successfully Using Data to Drive Your Operations, focusing on the Importance of Data for Your Story, Developing Solutions Based on Data, and Making Data Part of Your Operations.

 With Ron Hearns, KRA Director of Midwest Workforce Operations, which includes oversight of the Chicago-Westside AJC, Karen co-presented Growing the Next Generation of Leaders in Workforce Development, stressing the Importance of Leadership, How to Plant the Seeds for Motivating Leadership Development, and Actionable Items for Developing Leadership in Your Staff.

Greg Alexander, CWDP and KRA Business Services Operations Manager for the Baltimore City Work Participation, Placement, and Support Services Program, presented Beyond Bars – Life AFTER Prison, addressing a special population that faces a critical barrier to employment.

Specifically, Greg focused on How To Motivate, Stimulate, and Educate a Population That Struggles With Reentry Into the Workforce, Insight on Assistance/Services for Individuals Released…or Preparing to be Released…from Jail or Prison, and Helping Participants Overcome Challenges to Employment Following Incarceration.


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