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San Diego Customer Now on KRA Corporate Career Path

In high school, Dennis Aumack’s favorite classes were in the business program.  After graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy “to get off the streets of New York City and discover great opportunities.”

After 22 years of service, Mr. Aumack retired from the Navy in 2014, as a Disabled Veteran, confident that his military career, and a BA/Business Management-MBA combo, would almost guarantee a high-paying position in the civilian job market.

However, his “dream” job, in which he could fully realize his passion for business was elusive.  For 7 years, Mr. Aumack traveled a bumpy career path, first working as an AP/AR Manager—until another firm, with its own administrative staff, bought the company.

Searching again for work, a friend—who directed a non-profit active in helping those with disabilities—suggested some positions for which he qualified.  Subsequently, Mr. Aumack enjoyed his new job as an E-Commerce Manager—until 2020 when COVID-19 hit, negatively affecting the organization’s ability to keep him on-board.

Though jobless again, Mr. Aumack realized he had experienced two great opportunities: one in a business-administration environment and the other in a human-resources arena, and reflected that blending the two disciplines would satisfy his career goals.

“Then, someone told me about the San Diego Workforce Partnership Career Centers, and working with Christine Wissing, a Career Agent, convinced me I could find the unique position I was looking for.  The Centers’ Job Readiness Program was comprehensive and amazing, and for an introvert like me, the Power of Networking workshop was empowering.”

Mr. Aumack’s capabilities matched ideally a couple of corporate-level KRA openings, for which Ms. Wissing encouraged him to apply.  Excited about the opportunity, he wanted to know more about KRA.

“I could not believe all the great things KRA was doing in the communities it serves across the country.  I wanted to be part of this organization because I wanted to go home at the end of the day knowing I made a difference!  When KRA offered me the Payroll Specialist position in June, I accepted immediately, and am proud to serve those on my team, who are serving others to find the success I found.”

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