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KRA Remained “Open for Business” After Closing Program Sites

Between March 19 and April 7, “lock downs” were implemented by 43 States, including varying quarantine, stay-at-home, and social-distancing orders.

Ahead of the curve, on March 18, Knowlton R. Atterbeary, KRA President & CEO, announced, “We are collaborating with our client agencies to implement adjustments to our operations, which vary based on local circumstances, [which might include] moving all customer interactions on-line.”

California was the first state to go into lock down. KRA was more than ready, closing its One-Stop Career Centers and transitioning staff to Work-From-Home (WFH) status at most California locations on March 20, equipping staff with the digital and virtual resources and tools needed to continue providing services to our jobseeker and employer customers.

Between March 21 and April 1, all the communities where KRA operates went into lock down, and KRA closed program sites and reassigned staff to WFH or, in coordination with our Workforce Board and local social service agency clients, reconfigured on-site staffing to deliver appointment-only or virtual services.

Across the country, depending on client preferences and community requirements, WFH staff were equipped to use the on-line tools and communication platforms to continue a full range of jobseeker and business services.   For example:

  • Secure on-line document uploading and e-signature capability to support continued enrollment, incentive and support service distribution, and participation documentation;
  • Seamless text-messaging and video/voice calling between staff and customers to support ongoing case management and training and job placement using “regular” facility-based email addresses and telephone numbers; and,
  • Virtual training, webinars, workshops, and other activities and events for jobseekers and virtual resources for employers, including recruitments, job fairs, on-the-job-training placements, and candidate screening, interviewing and placement.

Over the next few weeks, KRA will be phasing-in the return of WFH staff to their program-site offices, with new practices and protocols in place to ensure the well-being and safety of employees, customers, and visitors, in compliance with all local-government COVID-19 mandates.

Succeeding, during this time of unprecedented upheaval, indicates that Innovation is still the key to KRA’s ability to provide Exceptional and Trusted workforce services in the communities we serve. We truly appreciate the remarkable creativity, spirit, and resilience of all our collaborative partners!

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