KRA Monthly Spotlight!

Our Spotlight! is shining brightly on KRA Corporation staff and jobseeker-customers who were honored recently by Capital Workforce Partners (CWP), KRA client for the operation of the CTWorks Stop Program, at its Annual Workforce Stars Breakfast and Awards Ceremony. 

Opening the celebration, Mr. Thomas Phillips, President & CEO of CWP, the Workforce Investment Board for Connecticut’s North Central Region, made special note that this was the 10th year of this deeply moving and inspiring event, and that he hoped the award recipients, and all attendees, would leave the ceremony feeling even more inspired to continue their valuable work on behalf of the Region’s jobseekers, employers, and the community-at-large.

Knowlton R. Atterbeary, KRA President and CEO, was in attendance, joining 40 KRA staff members for the occasion, two of which—Karen Cirincione and Jenifer Fields—were recognized as “Professional Workforce Stars”, as well as two KRA customers, as “CTWorks Job Seeker Workforce Stars”.

Kenneth W. Gronbach, nationally recognized author, expert,  futurist, and gifted speaker on Demography and Generational Marketing, delivered a Keynote Address, which  at the same time enlightened, inspired, and entertained with  his own special brand of wit, humor, and common sense, succeeding in making the science of shifting demography come alive with real-world examples relevant to today’s culture, business climate, and economy.

Professional Workforce Stars Awards are bestowed by CWP in recognition of  professionalism, dedication, and hard work:

  • Karen, KRA/CTWorks Unit Supervisor at the Hartford facility, maintains an extremely positive attitude and cheerful  disposition as she manages a large staff and serves jobseeker-customers in the North Central Region’s busiest One-Stop Center.
  • Jenifer, KRA/CTWorks FIRST (Focused Intensive Re-employment Skills Training) Re-Employment Coach,  humbly commented, “In each story, there are heroes and supporting characters… mine is a story of a supporting character raised to the rank of a hero”.

CTWorks Job Seeker Workforce Stars Awards are bestowed by CWP for tireless efforts and eventual success in obtaining employment:

  • “Joseph” has dealt with incredible challenges including losing his parents at an early age, fathering a child, dropping out of school, and unfortunately becoming involved with the criminal justice system.  He worked diligently with Mark Allen, KRA/CTWorks Retention Specialist, who guided him in his efforts to get his life back on track—efforts that eventually led to a full pardon, job training, gainful employment with a national food-store chain, and enrollment in a GED course.
  • “Oscar”, a highly-skilled, laid-off worker on the fringe of losing his UI benefits, had previously shared his story on the Senate floor of the United States Congress to illuminate the larger issues surrounding the desperate plight of the long-term unemployed.  Now, with characteristic strong will and determination, heeding the guidance of Josh Kellett, KRA/CTWorks WIA Career Agent, he had secured employment with a great company that recognized his knowledge and valuable skills and abilities.

On the Awards Ceremony, Atterbeary concluded, “If an occasion can be even more special than it has always already been—this is the one for KRA!  Not only were two staff members, Karen and Jenifer, honored by CWP, two jobseeker-customers were recognized as well.  We are all extremely proud of these ‘Stars’ for their past and current achievements, and know that each has many future successes ahead.”