KRA Las Vegas One-Stop Hosts First Workforce Summit

Last month was much busier-than-usual for the KRA Southern Nevada One-Stop Career Center (OSCC) program, operated for Workforce Connections. On January 17, Bonita Fahy, Director of Operations, promoted what turned out to be a highly successful OSCC Event on TV!

Subsequently, on January 31, KRA hosted the first Workforce Summit 2019, a major event planned and implemented to facilitate continued integration of the Southern Nevada One-Stop Delivery System (OSDS), provide partners a venue for networking, set the vision for the OSCC-Las Vegas District Library expansion, and promote staff development through cross-training opportunities.

Through the OSDS, a seamless KRA/OSCC operation supports the development of a highly qualified workforce to meet regional employers’ current and future needs, providing support to numerous OSDS partner-agencies, forming collaborative relationships with all partners, and facilitating customer-centered, results-oriented interaction among and between OSDS partners—the overarching goal of the Summit.

Seymour Leads Session on 5-Star Customer Sercice

Ms. Fahy presided over the Summit, which registered more than 170 attendees from 23 OSDS agencies, supported by Knowlton R. Atterbeary, President & CEO; Joseph L. Seymour, Coordinator, Corporate Training & Development; and other KRA staff, including Princette Bowling, OSCC Manager. Jack Martin, WC Vice Chair and Director, Department of Juvenile Justice Services, delivered the Luncheon Keynote Address.

Plenary- and breakout-sessions, an executive-level panel of experts, and workshops focused attention on the first four Titles of the WIOA-mandated service areas—-Adult, Dislocated Workers and Youth; Adult Education and Family Literacy; Wagner-Peyser Employment Services; and Vocational Rehabilitation—as well as the Nevada Governor-mandated TANF Program.

Ms. Fahy concluded, “Evidence of the Summit’s success was provided through a survey that yielded a 96.8% satisfaction rate, including strong indictors that the event should continue on an annual basis. So…I guess we’d better get started on Workforce Summit 2020!”

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