KRA/Las Vegas Implements Internal Communication Project Plan

Sylvia Henry, KRA Operations Manager, Las Vegas One-Stop Career Centers (LV-OSCC), reports, “In response to mandated COVID-19 requirements, the LV-OSCC had to adapt its expansive service-delivery system [SDS], including critical communication processes, at an unprecedented pace.”

Operated for Workforce Connections (WC), the WDB for Southern Nevada, the LV-OSCC is a collaborative system of WIOA-services providers, training partners, and community-based organizations that contribute customized workforce-services resources through one Comprehensive OSCC facility and 10 public-library affiliate sites—prior to the application of pandemic-related restrictions.

After LV-OSCC offices closed to the public, the network relied primarily on daily blast e-mails to communicate information critical to maintaining the SDS for the Region’s jobseekers and employers.  Even the addition of virtual meetings did not eliminate the need for e-mails, as non-attendees still required access to new and updated information.

In December 2020, through a software-system update, the WC acquired Microsoft Teams.  Reviewing the platform’s “workspace chat, videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration” capabilities, Ms. Henry recognized immediately its potential for more effective “internal communications” between and among all contributing LV-OSCC staff and partners.

With assistance and support from Ms. Robbie DeBuff, WC Project Coordinator, she proposed the development of an Internal Communication Project Plan, using the new Microsoft collaborative software for both one-to-one and group LV-OSCC information-sharing processes.

Ms. Henry concluded, “I believe the Internal Communication Project has been very successful, increasing overall operational efficiency, and continuing to improve cross-functional partner collaborations that impact directly our shared mission of ‘Connecting Employers to a Ready Workforce’.”

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