KRA/Chicago Provides Virtual Job Readiness Training and Hiring Events

For the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, KRA operates both the Westside American Job Center (WAJC) and the Chatham Workforce and Education Center (CWEC), on the Southside.

Every month, KRA/Chicago distributes information on Virtual Job Readiness Training (JRT) Workshops and Hiring/Resources  Events to WAJC and CWEC participants for registration and participation.

In addition to the June 10 Virtual Hiring/Resource Event [WAJC], convened collaboratively with the West Town Community Committee, and the June 25 Career Empowerment Workshop [WAJC/CWEC], other June WAJC events include:

  •  MondaysWIOA and ConstructionWorks Training Orientation.
  • Tuesdays – Combined JRT on Resumes (Learning the importance of using a critical eye to critique current resume or use knowledge gained to develop a new resume.) and Interviewing (Understanding the distinct difference between an “interviewee” and an “educated interviewee”.)
  • WednesdaysFinancial Literacy Workshop (The importance of self-reflection on current financial spending and future financial goals.)

The CWEC schedule includes:

  • WednesdaysWIOA and ConstructionWorks Training Orientation at 10:00 am and Financial Literacy Workshop at 2:00 pm.
  • Thursdays – Combined JRT on Resumes and Interviewing.

Ms. Kelly Butler, KRA/Chicago Trainer and Special Projects Coordinator, commented, “Even though increased utilization of Zoom and other virtual platforms for selected events was initiated to comply with COVID-19  physical-distancing requirements, we have found these resources to be, for the most part, effective communication venues.

However, on June 11, Illinois is entering Phase 5 of its Re-opening Plan, which will provide the service-delivery flexibility the KRA/Chicago programs once had.  In collaboration with the Partnership, we will examine our Post-Pandemic Transition Plan and decide which services will continue to be provided on a virtual, or hybrid basis, and which will be resumed in their pre-pandemic manner.”

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