KRA Helps TANF Applicants Avoid Public Assistance

In mid-March, when Mr. Carless Schuler, a 20-year old, single, High School graduate, applied for TANF benefits, he was enrolled in the PGWorks Job-Readiness Program (JRP), operated by KRA for the Prince George’s County [MD] Department of Social Services.

KRA’s goal was to assist Carless–accompanied by his girlfriend, who was expecting their first child–in avoiding the pubic-assistance system by providing him effective workforce-readiness tools to find a sustainable job.

Carless began meeting with KRA Career Agent, Terance Washington, who guided him in weaving his JRP activities–abilities, aptitude, and interest assessments; basic-skills testing and upgrading; interviewing skills; job-search strategies; resume development, et al–into a realistic Individual Responsibility Plan for employment.

PG County - Mexican FoodTerance commented, “Carless was unaccustomed to this kind of intensive work-preparation, and found the process extremely challenging.  But, he remained persistent, and his hard work paid off when he received a job offer as a Team Member with the local outlet of an international Mexican-style fast-food chain.

I was very pleased with Carless’ success by mid-May, when he exited our program.  His story proves that with dedication–and a plan–employment, instead of welfare, is possible to achieve for those who truly embrace self-sufficiency.”