KRA Expands Richmond Region Service Area

On April 18, 2011, KRA’s Resource Workforce Center (RWC), which is regionally dedicated to providing an array of career and support services while enhancing workforce skills for those who are eligible, expanded its services into a new area in the Greater Richmond Region. This is great news for “adult and dislocated-worker” job seekers in this area, who may be able to benefit from training funds provided by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).  Currently, the RWC provides services in Chesterfield, Sandston, and Richmond, and now is servicing Powhatan County. Josephine Fiorentino (pictured below), KRA Eligibility Specialist for the RWC, is available at the Powhatan Public Library facilitating WIA orientations, a key component of which is introducing possible participants to the intensive workforce development services that KRA provides through WIA. At the conclusion of each orientation, Ms. Fiorentino answers questions concerning the intake process and eligibility requirements, and reviews WIA applications that are filled out on-the-spot.  This expansion, an exciting opportunity for KRA, will provide much needed job-skills training and intensive case management to those eligible residents having difficulty finding and securing new employment.