KRA Customer's CWE Provides Route to Career Pathway

A career-pathway goal combining Criminal Justice and Human Services might seem incongruous to some.  After all, from Federal agencies—as in “Department of Health & Human Services” and “Justice Department”—to municipal administrations, these are two very  different service providers.

For Bernette Makuson, not only is there no disconnect, there is a definite connection, believing that true sensitivity to “the human condition” will make her more effective when interacting with those embroiled in the justice system.

Bernette - 192 - 256

Already pursuing a BS in Criminal Justice, Bernette’s goal was to find employment in the Human Services arena.  But, after 6-month stints with three different TANF Employment Program (TEP) Providers, and still unemployed, she enrolled in the TEP operated by KRA Corporation for the DC Department of Human Services (DHS).

Career Agent Andre Thompson suggested to Bernette that she participate in a Community Work Experience (CWE) opportunity, emerging within the DHS, to gain valuable hands-on human/social services experience, to which she eagerly agreed.

Little did they know of the outcome 6 months later.  March: Began CWE.  July: Completed CWE.  August: Attended DHS Hiring Event, applied for Social Service Representative position, and was hired!  September: Started work.  October… and beyond: A career pathway leading to success!