KRA's Rayos Presents at Alma Mater

Recently, Maylynne Rayos, Training Account Coordinator, San Diego Metro Region America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC)—operated by KRA Corporation for the San Diego Workforce Partnership—presented at Point Loma Nazarene University’s (PLNU) 2014 session of an annual event, “Major Minute”, which afforded the 50+ students in attendance to consider majors that could lead to exciting career opportunities.

On a panel with other presenters, Maylynne, a NAWDP-Certified Workforce Development Professional, spoke about her education and major, and her career in the Workforce Services industry, including the comprehensive array of workforce development services offered through the AJCC network.

Maylynne, who earned her MA in Education from PLNU, concluded, “I also stressed how this opportunity for me to present demonstrates the power of social media networking and how students can benefit professionally from such sites.”

Rayos, left, at PLNU "Major Minute"

Rayos, left, at PLNU “Major Minute”

Jessica Walton, PLNU, had contacted Maylynne via her LinkedIn profile, sharing with her, “We typically only have people who attended undergrad here, but my boss made an exception because she was really impressed with your LinkedIn page. We are looking forward to having you on campus to help undeclared students figure out what they would like to major in.”  And, Marylynne was only too happy to oblige!

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