KRA Cross-Country Team Presents Innovative Practices at NAWB Forum

Recently, Maxine Suka and Joseph Seymour presented a “Video, Visual Storytelling and more…Innovative Breakthroughs in Service Delivery and Customer Engagement” workshop at the National Association of Workforce Boards’ 2014 Forum.  The “Innovative Toolshops” session, offered to KRA Corporation as a Forum sponsor, attracted more than 40 front-line practitioners, marketing professionals, and members of WIB executive leadership.

Suka, Program Manager, KRA/San Diego Region Metro Career Centers—a partner in the American Job Centers of California network—commented, “Our presentation discussed the five major ways that video and visual storytelling can be used to impact our efforts in workforce development.  Opting for an interactive workshop format, Joe and I presented videos created by KRA talent from various programs across the country as examples of best practices.”

Seymour, Trainer/Subject-Matter Expert, Hartford-area KRA/CTWorks One-Stop, added, “We also provided cutting–edge resources, tips, and techniques—most of which are no- or low-cost solutions.  The audience was thoroughly engaged throughout the workshop; in fact, most stayed an extra 15 minutes for extended Q-and-A”

Suka concluded, “We were so excited when some attendees commented that we demonstrated and shared technology that was brand new to them, and that they couldn’t wait to implement these best practices.”