KRA Convenes Workforce Development Extravaganza for Out-of-School Youth

Orange County One-Stop Center - Young Adult Services Logo - smallerThe KRA Knowledge2Career (K2C) Academy, a proprietary program operated as a WIOA One-Stop Center for California’s Orange County Development Board, serves the unique career-development needs of young adults, 17 to 24, disconnected from both school and the workforce.

K2C, which links academic and occupational development to employment-related services, recently hosted its 2018 End of the Year Summer Extravaganza.  Attended by 40 percent of enrolled K2C Academy participants, the multi-activity event included engaging demonstrations, presentations, and workshops provided by several key K2C community partners and stakeholders, including:

  • Michele Worth, presented Self-Care Through Art, representative of her award-winning Worth Visual Arts Program that helps at-risk teens and young adults learn sewing, painting, sculpting and other skills that prepare them for jobs;
  • Matthew Harris, Lead Instructor, Esteem Communication, presented Learn Self Defense, providing critical information and demonstrations related to assertiveness, personal safety, and harassment prevention;
  • Dr. Debra Sacks, Educational Consultant, Collaborative Learning Solutions, provided a Build Personal Skills and Resiliency workshop, sharing her passion for improving students’ lives, providing experience-based resources, and motivating them to turn their dreams into reality; and
  • Christina Schultz, HR Manager, Surf & Sand Resort, explored the many Job Opportunities available in the Hotels, Motels, and Resorts Industry.

OC K2C Academy End of the Year Summer Extravaganza Photo-cropped

Marcia Chacon, KRA Team Lead, commented, “The purpose of the Extravaganza was to expand our K2C participants’ outlook on strategic career planning and exploration, helping to ensure that they remain motived, connected, and informed about the varied resources available in our community.  It is amazing how just a few hours, combining ‘facts’ and ‘fun’, can begin to transform a young adult’s perspective on life, and perhaps ignite a passion for positive change in their outlook on the future.”


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