Job-Prep = Job-Placement for KRA Customer

Monet, a single, 24-year old high school graduate with 2 children, enrolled in the PGWorks Program—operated by KRA Corporation for the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services—on July 23rd, knowing only that she needed to know a lot more about enhancing her employability.

Career Agent Terance Washington, commented, “Some people believe all they need is a resume—external representation of what they have to offer an employer—to eventually get a job.  Actually, they need internal examination of what they have to offer, build on that information, and present ‘a total package’ to the employer.”

So, after Orientation, using various assessment instruments, Washington analyzed Monet’s results—abilities, aptitudes, basic skills, interests—and tailored an individual Career Pathway/Employment Plan with her.  In weekly Job-Preparation Workshops, Monet studied Resume, Interview, and Job-Application Preparation; Job-Search Strategies; and Dress-for-Success, taking advantage of the Program’s ‘Clothes-Closet’ resources.

Monet was ready…and impressed the Hiring Manager at Smashburger—a chain of 200 casual dining restaurants in the US and Canada—who hired her on August 29th, as a Cashier.  Alicia Spriggs, Operations Manager, concluded, “Through all her challenges, we championed Monet’s determination and persistence, and are overjoyed she is now on the road to self-sufficiency through permanent employment.”

Smashburger - smaller