KRA's Staley Presents at NAWDP/NAWB Webinar on WIOA

Kimberly Staley, CWDP, Vice President & Director of Client Services, was selected by  sponsors NAWDP and NAWB to co-present for one of a four-part webinar series, Preparing for WIOA: Embracing a Comprehensive Approach to Delivery, a Collaborative Approach to Planning, and a Combined Approach to Funding.

Staley—who also directs CTWorks, the Greater Hartford area American Job Center (AJC) operated by KRA Corporation for Capital Workforce Partners—and Margie DeReutyer, Senior Advisor, Public Consulting Group, addressed the Program Delivery aspects of WIOA: Adults and Dislocated Workers, Industry Recognized Credentials, The Customer Experience, and Youth and Job Corp.

Kimberly Staley

Kimberly Staley

Staley commented, “It is imperative that workforce services programs empower their frontline staff by preparing them to exceed the WIOA performance requirements, as well as the expectations of their clients,  partners and other stakeholders, and of course, customers.

Through targeted one-on-one and group training activities, KRA is equipping our local AJC Career and Business Services Teams  with ‘WIOA Toolkits’—developmental resources essential to not only understanding the new law, but to implementing it to its fullest intent and spirit.

We intend for our WIOA-funded programs to fully meet and/or exceed the needs of the adult- and youth-jobseekers and businesses we serve, and to maintain a Quality Service Model in total alignment with both the legislation and the needs of our local communities.”

NAWDP – National Association of Workforce Development Professionals; NAWB – National Association of Workforce Boards; WIOA – Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act