Who’s on FIRST? KRA!

The front page of the October 2010 NAWDP Newsletter reads “Who’s on FIRST? Serving Today’s Dislocated Workers”, and was entirely dedicated to KRA and the FIRST (Focused Intensive Reemployment Success Training) program. The article begins with an anecdotal story about “John” and “Sally” who have lost their livelihoods due to the recessionary economy. John and Sally are “dislocated workers”, who for the most part are skilled career professionals with post-secondary educations and extensive employment experience. The article states that “CTWorks, in conjunction with Capital Workforce Partners and operated by KRA Corporation have developed the FIRST program…a solution for both job seekers and employers. The program is systematic, has been proven successful, and is easily replicable in any workforce area.” The KRA CTWorks team has developed a great program that has been nationally recognized, and has shared the FIRST program model at various workforce conferences, including the Texas Workforce Commission Forum in Austin, TX this past August.