Hiring Events Produce Exceptional Results for KRA Business Customers

Often, a targeted marketing approach is the best recruitment-and-selection process for businesses with diverse employment needs, and recent hiring events proved very effective in matching six employers’ requirements to jobseekers’ capabilities.  Final statistics still are being processed; however, there are enough firm and pending job offers, and second interviews scheduled, to indicate at least 50 new hires.

DC - Your Next Great HireDavid Holman, Job Developer for the KRA/TANF Employment Program (TEP), operated for the DC Department of Human Services, reports Rocketship Education, for whom KRA/TEP organized their first Virtual Job Fair, preferred to continue online screening and selection, while Home Depot personally assisted jobseekers in completing online applications, from which they selected candidates for in-person interviews…a methodology they chose to replicate for a second hiring event.

Three other companies and Transdev—served by both KRA/TEP and KRA/PGWorks—conducted onsite interviewing and selection.  And, in addition to our semi-annual ‘open’ Job Fair this month, we are organizing three more targeted events for construction, dog-grooming, and moving companies—extremely diverse enterprises requiring diverse business-customer services, from which we expect similar exceptional results.”

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