Welcome to KRA/Baltimore…Again!

Every KRA jobseeker-customer coming through the doors of the Work Participation, Placement, and Support Services Program—funded by the Baltimore City Department of Social Services for public-assistance recipients—receives a warm welcome.  However, some receive a second welcome, when they return as KRA employees!

To date, KRA Corporation has hired eight customers, representing approximately 40% of the Baltimore program staff.  According to Greg Alexander, Job Coach Team Lead, “Because of their unique experiences as former KRA customers, these employees are able to apply their own special blend of knowledge, skills, and empathy to their jobs.  Their passion adds immeasurable  value  to our success in fulfilling the KRA mission.”

Welcome to KRA Corporation!
Welcome to KRA Corporation!


Five employees include: Jermietra Carroll, Work Experience Coordinator; Ernestine Chambers and Johnetta Pierce, Case Management Supervisors; Lameisha Mack, Program Coordinator; and Crystal Paschall, File Clerk.  And, three offered these comments:

  •  Brandi Bell, Retention Specialist, “Being a former KRA customer has given me a better understanding of our jobseekers’ needs, allowing me to provide better service to them.”
  • “KRA helped me see the potential in myself, which allows me to assist customers to do the same for themselves.” Latoya Newkirk, Case Manager.
  • Shandra Womack, Outreach Specialist, “Being a former KRA customer motivates me to go the extra mile in serving jobseekers, because someone went that extra mile for me.”