Temporary Assistance Develops Into Permanent Career for KRA Customer

In 2013, the Baltimore City Department of Social Services (BCDSS) referred Ms. Shandra Womack, a TCA-TANF recipient, to KRA for enrollment in the Work Participation, Placement, and Support Services Program, which includes a Work Experience (WEX) Internship with a community-based organization, and participation in Job Readiness Workshops (JRW).

Since there was a WEX opportunity open in the KRA office, she was assigned as a Receptionist Intern to manage front-desk operations, welcome customers and visitors, and ensure that everyone received timely service.

Ms. Womack commented, “All of a sudden, I was on the other side of that desk!  Becoming confident in dealing with the public was a challenge, and I came to recognize how important this frontline position was to building trusting relationships with the customers.”

She added, “The JRW sessions were comprehensive and invaluable in expanding my knowledge and skills, preparing me to take on more responsibility, and motivating me to strive for a career, not a job.”

In 2014, KRA hired Ms. Womack as a fulltime Receptionist, with her dedication and determination to advance leading to increased responsibility and promotions, i.e. Front Desk/Office Manager, Career Agent, Case Manager, and Retention Outreach Specialist.

Since 2020, she has served as the Operations Manager of the KRA Knowledge 2Career (K2C) Academy Construction Program, co-funded by BCDSS and the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development.

Both Adult and Youth K2C students have benefitted tremendously from Ms. Womack’s career guidance, encouragement, and motivation, much of which is inspired by her own personal and professional KRA experiences.

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