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Unemployment: The Many Effects

According to May 2013 DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) figures, 11.8 million Americans are unemployed…but seeking employment. Traditionally, BLS numbers do not include unemployed individuals who are not actively job-hunting.  Some economic reports indicate a myriad of reasons, one of which being that unsuccessful jobseekers often become discouraged to the point that they simply give up in their job search. Unemployment affects individuals. It almost goes without saying, but has to be noted that money—or lack thereof—is more often than not a cause of stress, sometimes of a disabling nature.  As reported by the American Psychological Association in Psychological
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Effective Workforce Development Must Include “Soft Skills” Training

According to the DOL’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average U.S. unemployment rate, between May 2012-May 2013, was 7.9%; not as high as the May 2009-May 2010 average of 9.7%, but still representative of a significant number of unemployed Americans.  Yet, despite these statistics, employers report they are struggling to fill positions…not due to a lack of candidates, but due to a lack of jobseekers with “the right stuff”.  In a recent article, Sustainable Education: How to Train Students for 21st Century Careers of Impact, Roshan Paul, Amani Institute, reports that college graduates are not being equipped to compete in the 21st century workplace.  His research indicates
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KRA’s Staley Re-elected to NAWDP Board

Kimberly Staley, KRA Vice President and Director of Client Services, has won re-election to her seat on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP), whose mission “is to be the national voice for the profession and meet the individual professional development needs of the membership.” Staley, who represents the state of Connecticut on the Board, has 20+ years’ experience in the Workforce Development industry, including serving as the Director of a multi-site WIA/TANF Intensive Services operation, CTWorks, for KRA in Hartford.  Credentialed as a Certified Workforce Development Professional by NAWDP, Staley won her first
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