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KRA Reports Impressive Placement Numbers

Natividad Perez, Job Developer at KRA’s multi-service* Job Skills Training Directly Related to Employment Program in Camden, New Jersey, was working hard to meet the employment goals for the Program’s jobseeker-customers. But as the winter months passed, she became really concerned; the Program’s business-customers were slow in responding to her inquiries about their hiring needs.  But then the weather began to warm up, and so did Perez’s spirits.  The office was suddenly alive with positive energy; the phones started ringing on May 1st, and didn’t stop until the 25th. During that time frame, 20 customers began working for a dozen
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KRA OSY Program Partners With Prestigious NYC Dentist

KRA’s Dental Assistant Training Program prepares Out-of-School Youth (OSY) for the Certified Dental Assistant Credential administered by the Dental Assistant National Board. Thanks to Lawrence M. Spindel, DDS, program graduates definitely will have a leg up on the competition when it comes to both credentialing and job hunting! The KRA curriculum is thorough in both the clinical and administrative aspects of the duties and responsibilities required to succeed in this emerging sector of the Allied Health job market. However, real-life, hands-on practice is invaluable in support of classroom theory. Dr. Spindel, a longtime colleague of Deborah Williams, KRA Dental Assistant
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