Summer Academy Directors Acknowledge KRA Support

Queen and Ray Funnye, Directors of the Plantersville Summer Academy in Georgetown, South Carolina, reported that they “would like to sincerely express our gratitude for the role of KRA Corporation in the success of our Academy this summer. We believe that our partnership for the past three years has been essential in making a difference for our youth and community.  We feel the collaboration between KRA Corporation and Plantersville Summer Academy was a win-win situation.

The participants were assigned the title “Camp Counselor.” They had a tremendous impact on the students as well as the staff. The camp counselors aided us with administrative support, classroom assistance, field trips, and daily activities of the camp.  They were flexible, cooperative, and supportive.  Each counselor displayed a high level of confidence, dedication and commitment. The skills and training they have acquired as participants with KRA Corporation was beneficial in this capacity. We were able to assess their skills and strengths as individuals for placement into the most accurate positions.”

The Funnyes’ testimonial continued, “ This experience was not only beneficial for our students, but also the camp counselors. These individuals are the future of our society. They were able to apply the training learned with KRA Corporation to a real world environment. The camp counselors learned business etiquette in the workplace with emphasis on responsibility, punctuality, accountability, and cohesiveness.

Through this experience, the camp counselors will now be more employable in the job market. To some of the counselors, this was a means of extra income as these were paid positions.  Plantersville Summer Academy is honored to be affiliated with KRA Corporation and their participants. It has been a rewarding experience to work together toward a common goal. We sincerely look forward to coming years as we join forces.

Finally, we want to thank KRA Corporation for partnering with us earlier this year, helping to host our Spring initiative, ‘Achieving Success for Teens’.  This was delivered via no-cost seminars at the Georgetown County School District on April 10, 11 and 13th. Participants in attendance  received a free 65-page workbook, It’s Your Decision for Teens, A Commonsense Guide to Making Better Choices and information pertaining to keys to achieving success in school and life and utilizing an effective decision making process to name a few topics.

The Village Group along with our community partners, Georgetown County Library, Georgetown County School District, Life Decisions Group, KRA Corporation, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and the Waccamaw Regional Education Center worked together and made the event a worthwhile community event.”  For a great overview of the Plantersville Summer Academy Program and its activities, as well as wonderful photos of the Funneyes, KRA staff, and lots of happy kids, visit:

Jeff Ward, KRA/Waccamaw Region Business Services Representative, commented, “The KRA partnership with Queen and Ray Funnye continues to grow.  Ray is also the Director of the Georgetown County Public Works Division, and has utilized the KRA/Out-of-School Youth Paid Work Experience Program wherein four of our participants worked as laborers at the Georgetown County Landfill for 160 hours learning the daily operations of the site.  On July 1st, Ray hired Ms Aisha Jones, who registered in our program on March 12th, as an Environmentalist at the Landfill, where she is earning a very sustainable annual wage,  plus benefits!  I see this partnership only getting stronger each year.”