Success a Little Sweeter for KRA Customer…

because with effective job-preparation skills, Lawanda Thomas—a 47-year old grandmother with an 11th grade education—found a job online on her own!

Terance Washington, Career Agent with the PGWorks Job-Readiness Program, operated by KRA Corporation for the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services, reported, “To be successful, jobseekers have to achieve the highest possible level of job-readiness before they start serious job-hunting.

There are the obvious tools—completing applications correctly, developing a great resume, and well-rehearsed interviewing skills.  But those attributes are useless unless paired with productive job-search techniques, especially online strategies.”

Terance and Lawanda worked diligently, and he continued, “We met regularly to discuss her job-search efforts.  Each week, she completed an extensive amount of applications, and spent hours and hours on the computer, determined to utilize her new-found skills to find employment.”

Lawanda’s diligence paid off when she found and obtained employment with Jimmy John’s Subs, a 2000-location company with an interesting history, as it was founded in 1983 by a 19-year old!

Terance concluded, “I am very pleased with the success Ms. Thomas achieved, proof that with hard work and determination—and the right tools—employment is possible for all who are serious.”