Ruiz Excels in Giving and Receiving Training and Development Experiences

Even while directing the operations of three KRA departments—Accounting, Contract Services, and People & Culture—Zaskia Ruiz, Executive Vice President, Administration & Finance, carves out time to share her 20+ years’ experience through industry conferences, including CWA, NAJA, and NAWDP.

On the giving end, on March 10th, for the 37th Annual NAJA Conference, Zaskia facilitated two workshops, Fiscal Management in the Virtual Office and Fiscal and Program Collaboration, both of which were well-attended, with an average of 100 participants each.

Both were also very well-received, with two comments reflective of many others, “Thanks for the amazing experience.” and “Thanks for a great conference, it was my first time and I learned a lot.”

On March 16th, on the receiving side, she opened a message that read, “Dear Zaskia, Congratulations on successfully completing the Executive Women in Leadership Cornell Certificate Program!”—a course described as one “for women in leadership positions that examines strategies for incorporating being self-aware and genuine without suppressing their unique personal style.”

The Cornell instructors’ combined assessment of the quality of Zaskia’s performance was 800+ words!  However, one comment summed up the evaluations aptly, “Excellent knowledge and understanding of material and an imaginative sense of its relevance across a range of issues, contexts, and policy situations.”

Zaskia concluded, “I truly appreciate KRA’s investment in my growth and development. Supporting and sponsoring me to participate in these incredible developmental opportunities is of invaluable benefit—for me, my staff, and the entire organization.”

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