Pillars of Customer Service


By definition, a principle is a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning. At KRA Corporation our guiding principles and values are Knowledge, our foundation for creating Innovative Solutions, Responsibility, our promise to continuously offer Exceptional Services Achievement, our proven performance for delivering Trusted Results . Collectively, these principles are the foundation upon which, we build our Quality Service model.


KRA is committed to exceptional standards of customer service, investing in our teams to support our customers’ missions and maximize program outcomes.  At every level of our organization, KRA holds leaders and staff alike to an unsurpassed level of service standards and customer readiness. This is the KRA Promise.


At KRA Corporation, we operate under the belief that exceptional external customer service must flow from exceptional internal customer service. Every employee, therefore, without exception, is treated with respect as a valued member of our team. Our commitment to our employees is reflected in the way we train, develop and empower them to maximize their potential and deliver high quality service in the communities that we serve.


We truly believe in the power of strategic partnerships. We seek out partners in the communities we serve, with the intent of leveraging resources and information to collectively exceed the needs of our customers. To strengthen these efforts we invite all community partners to share in our customer service training and customer flow planning. This ensures a consistent customer experience in the communities where we operate.


Our Quality Service Model has a strong focus on achieving measurable success with continuous quality improvement. Our robust internal and external customer satisfaction survey system as well as customer service focused performance evaluations ensures that we are accurately measuring our quality service efforts. These initiatives help to support our desire to provide a customer experience that is consistently exceptional regardless of location.