Perseverance Leads to Progress for KRA Customer

Selina visited the PGWorks Employment and Training Program, operated by KRA Corporation for the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services (DSS), to apply for Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA), but not being able to submit all of the DSS-required paperwork, her case was “shelved” until she could comply.

She really needed TCA, which provides cash assistance to families with dependent children—provided the recipient is actively involved in a job training and/or work placement program.  However, this temporary setback left Selina feeling discouraged, disappointed, and more than a little frustrated.

Selina realistically assessed her situation: she needed a good-paying job, but to tide her over, she needed the cash benefits to support her family.  Her only viable option was to complete the paperwork, enroll in TCA, and get job-training and placement.

Her decision ro return to KRA/PGWorks was well rewarded, when a week after completing the job-readiness program, she was hired by AccounTemps.  On the job now for more than 4 months, Selina is working fulltime, earning more than twice the local-area minimum wage.

Shawna Wright, KRA Operation Manager, concluded, “Selina is well on the road to self-sufficiency.  Taking the knowledge, resources, and skills gained through our program, she set and attained a workable career goal for herself.  We are all really pleased with her progress.”