New KRA Partnership Holds Great Promise

In the District of Columbia, the most prominent employment-services agency through which TANF and non-TANF jobseekers can access educational, employment, and training, opportunities is the Department of Employment Services (DOES), whose website states, “Services ensure a competitive workforce, full employment, life-long learning, economic stability, and the highest quality of life for all DC residents.”

In early June 2014, Anthony Featherstone, Program Manager, TANF Training & Employment Program (TEP)—operated by KRA Corporation for the DC Department of Human Services—met with a DOES Business Services Group representative to discuss how a partnership would mutually benefit each organization’s workforce-services goals and objectives.

At that time, they discussed potential positions available with companies holding contracts with various DC government agencies, but on June 16, the representative e-mailed Featherstone actual leads for Commercial Furniture Mover/Installers—at an average $19/hour—needed immediately by a local services and supplies company.

By June 20, the company had interviewed eight KRA/TEP candidates, resulting in five hires: three on a “temporary” basis, pending award of a new October contract, and two on a “pending” basis contingent upon the new award.

Featherstone concluded, “KRA is really excited about this new partnership, and highly optimistic that these first five hires, facilitated by DOES,  will become permanent, as well as many more in the future.”