More KRA/CTWorks Staff Maintain Industry Knowledge Through Certification!

Eleven more staff members working in the North Central Connecticut Region CTWorks Program, operated by KRA Corporation for Capital Workforce Partners, have attained Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) status, bringing the Program’s total to 29!

The coveted CWDP credential is administered and awarded by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP), and recognizes the training, experience, and expertise of professionals who facilitate the processes by which jobseekers prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment, and develop careers and self-sufficiency.

Beth McCabe, KRA Core Services & Staff Development Coordinator, who is CWDP-credentialed and winner of the 2013 NAWDP Professional Development Award, summed up KRA’s position on credentialing. “We encourage and support all KRA staff members that devote themselves to becoming credentialed through NAWDP.  We want them to advance their education and training as much as they can, so that KRA/CTWorks maintains its reputation for providing the highest quality of workforce development services to the residents and businesses of the North Central Region.”

According to Kimberly Staley, KRA Vice President and Director of Client Services, who is also CWDP-credentialed and a member of the NAWDP Board of Directors, “It speaks volumes that these KRA/CTWorks staff members, and many others in the company, were able to ‘ace’ the CWDP process due to their extensive education, training, and experience in our industry.”