More CTWorks’ KRA Staff Receive CWDP Certification!

Beth McCabe, CWDP, KRA Core Services & Staff Development Coordinator, reports, “KRA staff working in Connecticut’s North Central Region’s One Stop Center and Jobs First Employment Services Program [1] are on a roll—a Certified Workforce Development Professional roll that is!  After six staff members achieved certification in July of this year, on September 23rd, an impressive 11 more staff attained CWDP credentialing! With our newest ‘CWDP members’, we now have a total of 29 CWDP-credentialed staff!!”

The coveted CWDP credential is administered and awarded by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals [2].  Attainment recognizes the training, experience, and expertise of professionals who facilitate the processes by which jobseekers prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment, and develop careers and self-sufficiency.

McCabe, winner of the 2013 NAWDP Professional Development Award,  continued, “We encourage and support all KRA staff who devote themselves to becoming credentialed through the NAWDP certification program.  We want them to advance their education and training as much as they do, so that  CTWorks  maintains its reputation for providing the highest quality of workforce development services to the citizens of Connecticut’s North Central Region.”  By CTWorks’ site, McCabe acknowledged these 11 dedicated and proud KRA employees:

  • Hartford Office: Gerardo Heredia, Denese Smith, and Marlo Smith, JFES  Career Agents; Ana Montero, On-Line Facilitator; and Noemi Velazquez, Program Assistant-Human Resources Partner.
  • New Britain Office: Beverly Bruno and Willy Quiles, JFES Career Agents; Melissa Cordon, Unit Supervisor; Anthony Gulino, WIA (Workforce Investment Act) Career Agent; and Brenda Perez, Program Assistant.
  • North Central Region Office: Ted Tencza, IT Support.

When asked if the CWDP credentialing process included exams, Kimberly Staley, CWDP, KRA Program Manager at CTWorks—and member of the NAWDP Board of Directors—responded, “Currently, there are no exams. The foundation of the credentialing process is education and experience, based on one’s knowledge, skills, and abilities [KSA] in workforce development services. A CWDP candidate must demonstrate, through a comprehensive application process, their KSAs in each of 10 Competency Areas [3].”

Staley continued, “It speaks volumes that these 29 employees, and many others in the company, are able to  ‘ace’ ” these Competency Areas by virtue of their experience in the industry, and by availing themselves of both internal and external staff development,  education, and training resources.  All of KRA is proud of their achievements and success!”

[1] CTWorks is a 37-town, multi-site operation, funded by Capital Workforce Partners, which includes a One-Stop Program serving WIA-eligible Adult/Dislocated Workers, and a TANF-funded Jobs First Employment Services Program.

[2] NAWDP is the foremost professional association for individuals working in employment, training, and related programs.  NAWDP’s 4,000 members represent a broad cross section of workforce development, both geographically and by segments of the system.  The association’s website states, “The CWDP is a nationally recognized credential for individuals who have demonstrated they have what it takes to provide the highest quality services to our nation’s job seekers and businesses.”

[3] Competency Areas include History and Structure of the Workforce Development System, Career Development Process, Labor Market Information, Diversity, Customer Service, Program Management, Communication, Technology, Collaboration and Problem Solving, and Business and Employer Knowledge.