Mayo and Williams-Brown Co-Presented at CWA Youth Symposium 2023


Gina Brotherton Mayo, Career Readiness Facilitator & Special Projects Coordinator, and Michael Williams-Brown, Youth Career Coach—both staff of the KRA PGWorks Employment & Training Program—co-presented two “Resilience for Success” Workshops:

The Snap-Back: A Youth-Focused Guide to Developing Resilience for Success at the Gateway of Your Future demonstrated the importance that resilience plays in the success of our Youth, and included guidance on how to navigate the pitfalls of life, while maintaining motivation and focus. Ms. Mayo discussed the “7 C’s”, the essential building blocks of resilience; mapping out a Personal Resilience Plan; and explored Best Practices on how and why being resilient is a necessary component of lifelong success.”

Goals, Action, and Mindfulness: The “Secret Sauce” to Transformative Self-Empowerment  focused on establishing the goals, defining the roadmap, and exploring the presence of mind needed to achieve transformative self-empowerment.  The session examined what true empowerment is, and the actionable steps needed to align your current self with your best self; demonstrated simple yet effective self-empowerment strategies; and crafting an Empowerment Action List to add to your “transformation toolbox”.

We hope you did not miss these informative, interactive, and thought-provoking Workshop Sessions!  


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