LTU Customer Finds Success at KRA/San Diego

With a BS in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics; an MBA in Administration/Marketing; and a good job with a 75-year old, multinational IT company, the unthinkable happened to Asok Raut—he was let go.  Overnight, he became a Dislocated Worker, and over time a Long Term Unemployed (LTU) jobseeker.

Vonnie Davis, Career Agent, San Diego Metro Region Career Centers—operated by KRA Corporation for the San Diego Workforce Partnership—reported, “Asok diligently sought employment in his field, Chemistry, but in an extremely depressed economy, his efforts had not meet with success.”

Working with Patricia Devereaux, KRA Business Service Representative, Asok honed his job-search skills, employing new strategies and stepping outside his comfort zone to explore other business sectors where his valuable skill sets could be applied.

Patricia recommended Asok attend a Career Fair, co-sponsored by the Career Centers and the San Diego Public Library, where he met the Field Market Supervisor for a “green” company that installs residential solar systems, who was recruiting for Canvassers, a position in which Asok could apply his knowledge of business development and marketing.

Not every Career Fair attendee gets an on-the-spot interview, but Asok did.  And, soon after the Fair, was offered a Canvasser position, which he accepted eagerly.  Needless to say, Asok is happy to have rejoined the workforce after more than 18 months of unemployment.