Leadship Edge

Welcome to KRA’s Leadership Edge (LE), a formal program for staff development and training! Since August 19, 2010, LE has been expanding employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities through activities and projects that embrace corporate goals and enhance program performance. LE will expand your knowledge in the following target areas: (1) Program & Finance, (2) Management & Supervision; and, (3) Business Development & Stakeholder Outreach. You will also engage in fun and challenging team building exercises with your classmates and complete a team project by the conclusion of the program.

LE is specifically designed to provide you with the base knowledge in the aforementioned areas to help you grow within the company. To be selected to participate, your Program Manager or a former LE graduate must complete the LE Participation Recommendation Form on your behalf and each applicant must provide a personal statement LE Applicant Personal Statement. Upon completion of the rigorous selection process, LE participants will be identified by the LE Advisory Committee and notified of their acceptance.

Thank you for your interest in KRA’s LE Program and commitment to the company!

Class of 2014