KRA/YES Student Supports BFF

A Youth Employability & Success (YES) Program participant, whom we will call “Didi”, was a featured speaker…and dancer…at her recent BFF high school assembly. BFF…is she someone’s “Best Friend Forever?” Undoubtedly, and in this situation, she is a true friend to many as an active member of Be Fight Free, a collaborative campaign of  the Community Action Coalition of Suffolk (CACS), the Suffolk School Board, and the Suffolk Public Schools. This BFF’s message is aimed at reducing youth violence by raising awareness and participation in youth programs, such as YES,  and educating students and their parents and school staff on effective ways to prevent and/or reduce youth violence. Student leaders, including Didi, were driven to take action after the murder of two students last year. Didi was a friend of one of those killed and spoke at his memorial service. If she had not been hand-picked by the Principal to speak, she would have volunteered anyway…she simply had to speak out against youth violence…in all its forms…and its devastating effects. Didi  and other BFF members are dedicated to coordinating activities and events that will educate, inspire, and motivate the student body throughout the year. She is confident that most of the students are receptive, and that with continued hard work the entire school will experience positive change. As part of the campaign, each student was asked to sign a pledge to Be Fight Free and was given a CACS-provided white wristband imprinted with the BFF message.