KRA/Waccamaw Attracts New Business Partner

According to Rusty Gaskins, KRA Business Services Representative, “The relationship between the KRA/Waccamaw Region One-Stop and Terra Firma*is a great example of how local small businesses help our WIA participants to receive training and great incentives at the same time. Terra Firma hired two of our customers, one of which was an ex-offender, under On-Job Training (OJT) Program contracts, subsequently offering full time employment to both individuals. Deborah Newman, the COO of Terra Firma, serves on an advisory committee for Horry Georgetown Technical College, and understands the need for real-world experience and training. She was open to meeting with the customer, despite his background, and has been very pleased with his work performance.”

Gaskins, who initiated and developed the partnership with the Terra Firma office in Conway, continued, “Out of six KRA/Waccamaw customers referred recently to Terra Firma for employment, two were hired under OJTs, and one under a Work Experience Contract arrangement, through which he is receiving invaluable training in processing software and web development.  Deborah Newman and Tyler Davis, CEO of Terra Firma, were willing to take a chance on workers with no work histories. Ms. Newman has reported to me, ‘We are having great success with other employees who are part of your programs, and we hope to have many additional opportunities to work with you and your organization in the future. You have been absolutely courteous, professional, and a great help to our organization relative to obtaining candidates for our positions and creating a ‘win-win’ relationship for so many.’”

* Headquartered in Myrtle Beach, Terra Firma Information Technology, LLC has more than 30 years’ experience developing financial core processing software exclusively for the credit union industry, offering in-house, online, and turnkey solutions.