KRA/VIEW Staff Volunteer for USO Children's Party

Frederick Smith, an Instructor with the Virginia Initiative for Work not Welfare (VIEW) Program, operated by KRA Corporation for the Norfolk Department of Human Services, contacted the area United Service Organization (USO) to sign-up KRA/VIEW, for the second time, to volunteer for the Children’s Holiday Party.

Joining other local businesses, KRA/VIEW was assigned to entertain the children with face painting!  Tapping into their reservoirs of artistic creativity, each staffer painted candy canes, gingerbread men, snowmen, and other fun designs on many smiling faces.  Other activities included live-music entertainment, dancing, games, and a bounce house!!

The USO operates 160+ locations worldwide to “lift the spirits of America’s” transitioning/deployed troops; military families; the wounded, ill, and injured; and families of the fallen, providing invaluable support services—access to e-mail/ Internet/telephones; libraries/reading rooms; nurseries/play areas; information/referrals; recreation; new-spouse orientation, and more. 

KRA thanks all the volunteers of our VIEW family—Alisa, Andrea, Fatina, Frederick, Gina, Jahmaal, Kathy, Marcus, Ninette, Roniko, Sheena, and Veronica—who shared their time with our military families, to whom we say, “Thank you for your sacrifice and service.  We wish you a Holiday Season and New Year filled with Happiness, Hope, and, most of all, Peace.”

Fredrick, Ronicko, Jahmaal, Kathy, and Andrea at the USO

Fredrick, Ronicko, Jahmaal, Kathy, and Andrea at the USO