KRA/VIEW Leads in Virginia WPR

The May issue of the VIEW From The Edge newsletter, produced for the Eastern Region by the Virginia Department of Social Services, recognized the KRA Corporation/VIEW (Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare) Program team in Norfolk for its March 2013 Work Participation Rate (WPR) of 57 percent!  KRA/VIEW, which has an active caseload of approximately 1,200 customers a month, has consistently led the State’s 12 largest caseload-size localities in WPR, which represents the number of customers participating in work activities out of all those expected to participate.

To count toward the monthly WPR, a customer must  be participating in an allowable work activity in one of three categories: 20/hours a week for single parents with children under the age of six; 35/hours a week for two-parent families…55/hours a week,  if child care is provided; or 30/hours a week for all other families.  According to Alisha Bazemore, KRA Program Manager, “In March, of 5,446 active VIEW customers in the Eastern Region, 2,530 successfully met their requirement, for a Regional WPR of 46%…which is 4% shy of the State WPR goal of 50%.  KRA/VIEW’s performance has consistently met or exceeded the State WPR goal since September 2007!  Needless to say, we are pleased and proud of our WPR achievement, but not complacent.  Every month, we strive to do better!”