KRA/VIEW and FEP Open Door to Customer's Success

Harlenia Ray enrolled in the Norfolk VIEW (Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare) Program, operated by KRA Corporation for the Department of Human Services, lacking work experience and job skills, making her an ideal candidate for the KRA/VIEW Job Readiness Program (JRP).

During  a JRP class, Harlenia was introduced to an opportunity with Tidewater Home Care (THC) as a Personal Care Assistant, through the Virginia Full Employment Program (FEP), which includes skills training, followed by 6 months of state-subsidized employment. At the end of the 6 months, the employer is expected to hire the trainee—which THC did on October 1, 2014!

In fact, THC was so impressed with Harlenia, they selected her for an Administrative Assistant position, providing additional training in human resources and job placement services.  Bobby Treherne , Assistant to the Director, stated, “Ms. Ray is a dedicated, bright young lady…eager to learn, with a positive attitude and great work ethic. She was someone we wanted to have in the office working with our customers and staff.”

Also, THC chose Harlenia to attend Job Fairs, sponsored by KRA and others, to share her inspirational success story with jobseekers who could benefit from the services and programs, such as FEP, available through VIEW.

Harlenia at THC table at a Job Fair

Harlenia at THC table at a Job Fair