KRA/TEP Customer Triumphs Over Multiple Barriers

At only 19, single-mom Taniqua  Fenwick already had more than her fair share of life’s challenges.  For one, her major job-hunting asset,  a high school diploma, was just not enough to offset several obstacles to employment.

Michelle Alston, Career Agent, KRA/DC TANF Employment Program (TEP)–operated for the Department of Human Services–reports, “Taniqua  enrolled in TEP in October 2014, with no  work experience, and no safe place to call ‘home’ due to episodes of domestic violence.”

Even before KRA/TEP was able to get Taniqua and her child relocated to a shelter in January, she was already working hard to prepare herself for the workforce…taking every Professional Development Workshop that KRA offered, participating in Life Skills Classes, and continuously using her newly-developed job-search skills.

DC - Cosi Logo for Fenwick Story - 80x82The window to career success opened for Taniqua  in April, when she was hired as a Cashier by Così–a casual-dining restaurant chain–and opened even wider, 4 months later, when her performance earned her the opportunity to train for a Supervisory position.

Michelle concluded, “She is thriving on the job for 6 months now, and has moved into her own apartment!  KRA/TEP is pleased to have been able to assist Taniqua in overcoming her challenges, and achieving her objectives.”