KRA/San Diego P2E Success Story #3

It was reported in the September issue of the Monthly Spotlight! that the KRA/San Diego Metro Career Centers [1] operation had launched a new initiative, the Platform to Employment (P2E) Program [2]. Funded by the Wal-Mart Foundation, Citi Community Development, and the AARP Foundation, P2E was successfully (71% unsubsidized-job placement) piloted in the Southwestern Region of Connecticut by CTWorks [3], and then expanded by The Workplace organization to 10 major cities, including San Diego. There, it is administered by the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP), KRA client for the operation of four San Diego Metro Career Centers. Read about some KRA/San Diego/P2E participants’ experiences at: “Long-term unemployed ready to work”.

Success stories are emerging from KRA/San Diego/P2E every day. Here is another one, called “The Quest”, submitted by Patricia Devereaux, KRA Business Services Representative: ”How does one walk alongside another to achieve an essential goal? With confidence, tenacity, and hope.  Madeline, a P2E Program participant, was a discouraged mature worker.  Years of a brutal job market and endless job applications had left her frustrated and fearful of the future. We began with changing those attitudes through consistent focus on the possibility of a better future. Once Madeline truly realized and believed that she could succeed,  we were able to concentrate on playing to her strengths and applying only to positions matching her administrative skill set.”

Devereaux continued, “Madeline had wisely kept those skills current during unemployment by taking several San Diego Community Education courses. A more hopeful attitude and recent P2E job-readiness skills training made Madeline more likely to earn the employment we longed for. She was also excellent at staying in touch and responding to all job leads. I knew we were working well together when Madeline told me she had already applied for a job lead I had sent her, an opening as an Administrative Assistant at The Daily Transcript newspaper.

Knowing how ‘the personal touch’ can make a difference to employers, prior to Madeline’s interview, I stopped by The Daily Transcript to drop off information about the San Diego Metro Region Career Centers and the P2E Program, especially the employer wage-subsidy opportunity.  Guess what? Madeline was hired just a few days after she applied, and given the job permanently before the end of the wage subsidy pperiod!  Madeline reports that she is enjoying her work and doing well.  How immensely rewarding it was to be able to use her own renewed  sense of optimism, determination, and focus to assist her in returning to the world of work.”

[1] Funded by the SDWP, the San Diego Metro Region One-Stop Career Centers Program provides comprehensive workforce services for jobseeker-customers eligible through WIA as Adult/Dislocated Workers. Employer-customers with specific workforce requirements are provided a full range of job-readiness, placement, and retention services; and customized Occupational Skills Training and On-the-Job Training programs that prepare workers for sustainable employment.

[2] Operated at the KRA/San Diego/South Metro Career Center, P2E begins with workshops…4 days a week for 5 weeks… which include personal counseling, training, and comprehensive wraparound case-management services. P2E participants meet with Behavioral Counselors at least once during the training, with additional optional counseling available for themselves, as well members of the immediate family. Once participants complete the 5-week training, they are eligible for an 8-week work experience assignment, and are matched with employers that have openings. By selecting P2E participants, employers fill positions with vetted candidates, at no cost, for the first 4 weeks, and at partial cost for the next 4 weeks. The expectation is that P2E participants, if successful, will be hired by the employers at the end of the work experience.

[3] The CTWorks One-Stop Career Centers Program in the Northcentral Region of Connecticut is operated by KRA, funded by Capital Workforce Partners, the Region’s WIB.