KRA/San Diego Operates Successful ESE Program

To transition cash-assistance recipients from “Welfare-To-Work” (WTW), as part of its WTW program, CalWORKS has added an Expanded Subsidized Employment (ESE) program.

In San Diego County, the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP)—KRA Corporation‘s client for the operation of the San Diego Metro Region Career Centers/American Job Center of California (AJCC)—administers the ESE, wherein employers agree to hire and train  WTW participants for whom they will receive a wage subsidy of 100% for 2 months, 50% for 2 months, and 25% for 2 months.  If after 6 months, the participant is hired permanently, which is after all the intent of the ESE program, the employer pays 100% of the wages.

Deona Dorsey, KRA/AJCC ESE Coordinator, reported, “As an ESE Services Provider, we create job opportunities, assess participants’ job suitability and provide work-readiness services, maintain contact with the participant, and monitor job retention for up to 1 year after the subsidy ends.  We are achieving success in promoting ESE to our current employers, and outreaching to new businesses to match participant strengths with employer needs.”

Across the country, KRA’s “Workfare Programs” have helped to place tens of thousands of participants on the path to financial independence and self-sufficiency.