KRA/San Diego Customer Appreciation Day

On December 20, 2013, at three of the five San Diego Metro Region One-Stop Career Center locations, KRA Corporation—program operator for the San Diego Workforce Partnership—hosted the “8th Annual Customer Appreciation Day” for 150 jobseekers and guests, under the organizational leadership of Barbara Perkins, KRA Career Agent.

With Maxine Suka, KRA Program Manager, Perkins identified, and then coordinated with a POC to oversee the activities at each site, and delivered the refreshments—purchased with funds collected through staff-supported “Blue-Jeans Fridays”–to each Center.

Suka reported, “We hold his event, just before Christmas, to show appreciation to our customers who avail themselves of the Centers’ many job-prep and job-placement services.  For some, it is a depressing time; they may not have money for holiday gifts or meals, or are miles away from loved ones.  So, we try to add a ‘spot of joy’ during this time to express our gratitude and to let them know how respected and important they are to us.”

Suka continued, “The 20 attendees at our new Central Downtown Library location were very pleased! It was a busy time for us all—assisting jobseekers to find employment during the holiday season—so taking a cookie-and-coffee break was very much needed.  Seeing the gratitude in the customers’ eyes was so worth our effort!  The turn-outs at South Metro and Metro were larger—75 and 55, respectively—but then they are bigger, more established Centers with larger enrollments.”

Jamaica Whitlow, a Happy KRA Customer
Jamaica Whitlow, a Happy KRA Customer


Lois Beers, KRA Resource Room Representative, added, “Our Clients couldn’t believe this was all set-up for them! They were overwhelmed, and totally enjoyed the coffee, cookies, and juice”, and Alita Hetland, KRA Career Agent, added, “It’s always a heart-warming experience to see how grateful and appreciative customers are when they come up to the tables. It’s such a simple gesture, but brings so much happiness.”  Pictured below is Ivan Waston, KRA Customer; Wong; and Hetland.

Ivan Waston, KRA Customer and Wong

In addition to Beers, Hetland, Perkins, and Suka, other KRA/Dan Diego staff who contributed to the success of the events include: Sylvia Contreras, Metro Region Centers  Manager; Patricia Devereaux and Inna Lomack, Business Services Representatives; Edith Drake-Winters, Joanne Morales, Tina Nichols, and David Shea, Career Agents; and Diana Wong, Social Media Coordinator.