KRA’s Washington Invited to Prestigious Event

The invitation read, in part, “Dear Mr. Washington:  The J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Association’s Annual Scholarship Banquet is one of the most prestigious, important socio-political events of the year in Prince George’s County.  Your presence would add a great deal to the occasion.  I look forward to seeing you there.  Judge El-Amin.”

Anthony Featherstone, KRA Program Manager, commented, “As Team Leader with our Prince George’s Works’ Non Custodial Parent Employment Program (NPEP)*, Mr. Washington testifies at child-support contempt hearings for PGWorks program participants.  Molly Murphy, who is the Lead Prosecutor for the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), recently communicated to me, ‘I want you to know that the Circuit Court Judges have been very pleased with Mr. Washington, and the performance of the KRA program, in assisting our non-custodial parents with obtaining employment’.”

Featherstone continued, “Our program’s dedication to superior service in providing job-placement assistance—along with substantive case management and support—to NPEP customers is what prompted Judge Hassan El-Amin of the Prince George’s County Circuit Court to invite Mr. Washington to the Bar Association’s Banquet.”

“The event, attended by elected officials, including Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, as well as other prestigious dignitaries; lawyers; judges; and CEOs of major corporations, provided Mr. Washington an excellent opportunity for networking and forging new relationships and partnerships—all critical for KRA’s continued workforce development success on behalf of the residents of Prince George’s County.”

*NPEP, funded by the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services, provides job-placement assistance for individuals struggling to stay current with their child-support cases due to lack of employment, in partnership with OCSE, the Program’s main source of referrals.  NPEP’s objective is to assist customers in obtaining and retaining suitable employment to ensure that they are able to consistently make financial contributions to their child-support cases.