KRA’s Staley Re-elected to NAWDP Board

Kimberly Staley, KRA Vice President and Director of Client Services, has won re-election to her seat on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP), whose mission “is to be the national voice for the profession and meet the individual professional development needs of the membership.”

Staley, who represents the state of Connecticut on the Board, has 20+ years’ experience in the Workforce Development industry, including serving as the Director of a multi-site WIA/TANF Intensive Services operation, CTWorks, for KRA in Hartford.  Credentialed as a Certified Workforce Development Professional by NAWDP, Staley won her first Board election in 2011.

When asked for comment on her achievement, Staley responded, “I am extremely honored to have the wonderful opportunity to serve the NAWDP Board for a second term. I appreciate the overwhelming show of support by the Connecticut membership, and I promise to reward their faith in my leadership by continuing to work hard and represent Connecticut’s interests in workforce development on a national level.

Also, I will continue to work with the Board and its Committees to pursue our strategic vision for the evolution of workforce development, and to build a workforce that can effectively compete in today’s global economy.”

Thomas Phillips, President and CEO of Capital Workforce Partners, the WIB for the North Central Region of Connecticut, and KRA client, congratulated Staley, expressing confidence that she will represent the local system and State well.  “Most importantly, you possess a passion for continuously improving our system, with our customers and your KRA team always a priority.  Our innovative approaches and successful models are worth sharing with your colleagues.  I wish you all the best in your leadership role.”

Don Scott, KRA Senior Vice President for Workforce Operations, and Chair of the NAWDP Board, stated, “I feel privileged to work with a professional of Kimberly’s caliber on behalf of KRA, its clients, and its customers.  However, having re-won her Director position on the Board, she and I can continue working work together on behalf of NAWDP, its partners, and its members.”