KRA’s Seymour Creates 2nd NAWDP Plenary Video

In support of a workshop facilitated by Kimberly Staley, KRA Vice President and Director of Client Services, for the May 2012 National Association of Workforce Development Professionals Conference, Joseph L. Seymour, Trainer & Subject Matter Expert, KRA/CTWorks One Stop Centers in Hartford, created a Workforce Development Advocacy video.

Staley, a NAWDP Board member representing Connecticut, invited Bridget Brown, NAWDP Executive Director, to preview the video to ensure accuracy, suitability, etc.  Brown was so impressed that she requested to use the video as the kick-off vehicle for the entire Conference!

It’s been said that lighting does not strike the same place twice, but this year, it did!   For the May 2013 NAWDP Conference, Seymour produced another video for the association, which was used as part of the Plenary kick-off session.  Seymour also created quite a stir, with a reported consensus of “best workshop session”, Presentation Skills for Workforce Development Professionals… tips and techniques for putting the “power” back into PowerPoint presentations.  View Seymour’s spectacular video, that totally hits the mark, on YouTube at:

Actually, Seymour has produced three videos for NAWDP.  Audience response to the May 2012 NAWDP Conference video was so great, that Brown requested Seymour to create a Youth Advocacy video to kick-off the November 2012 NAWDP Youth Symposium.  In addition, she invited him to attend the Opening Session, giving him the opportunity to address the national body after the video was viewed.

During his address, Seymour reminded the attendees that they were more than “just” Case Managers, but “artists who weave the tapestry of our future every day.” When asked about his video-production experience, Seymour responded back then, “To be honest, these are the only two videos I have ever created. I have designed presentations and facilitated workshops at several national, regional, and local conferences, but I have no experience or formal training in video production or media; I just kind of figured it out as I went along.”