KRA’s Botts on Fox TV Morning News

For the fourth time in as many years, Charles K. Botts III, KRA Trainer and Subject Matter Expert, CTWorks One-Stop Career Center Program, appeared on the “Good Morning Connecticut” show on Hartford’s Fox affiliate TV station, Fox 61.

Beginning to air its annual series on how the area’s unemployed can improve their marketability to get their careers back on track, the Station kicked off the series with a segment last week on “Crafting the Perfect Résumé”, and once again called on Botts to contribute his expertise and insight.   

Botts, a Certified Professional Résumé Writer, as well as a Certified Workforce Development Professional, discussed the essential components of an attention-getting résumé that generates results.  During an interview with Fox 61’s Morning Show anchor, Tim Lammers, Botts was asked to describe the best ways to showcase those elements so that the résumé catches the eye of the reviewer.

Key tips that Botts communicated during the segment, started with “The top half of the résumé is the most critical; here’s what should be in it”:

  • Professional Profile – Overview of what distinguishes you; can be a personal or employer approach, do what’s right for you.
  • Skills Summary – Five or six core strengths; pull as many as possible from the job description.
  • Accomplishments – Should appear throughout the résumé.
  • Don’t list just previous duties, experience, and tasks.  Do list achievements that could benefit the company.

Botts also provided two pieces of advice on how to avoid the “black hole” that seems to swallow up many résumés during the review-and-selection process:

  • Repeat most desired skill sets in each job held; software programs will aggregate only if you repeat. Otherwise, you may not demonstrate enough experience.
  • The format is as important as the content.  Save online résumés as “plain text” files.  This way, when copied-and-pasted into online fields, the formatting will hold.

Another KRA/CTWorks staff member is scheduled to appear on “Good Morning Connecticut” when Jennifer Fields, KRA Re-Employment Coach, discusses making it through that “online black-hole” using invaluable networking strategies.

Botts’ segment can be viewed at: