KRA's 30-Day Window of Opportunity

The two applicants had much in common—both were in their early 20’s, high school graduates, single mothers of one child…and unemployed.  During the 2nd week in October, both visited PGWorks—operated by KRA Corporation for the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services—to apply for Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA), i.e., welfare.  Instead, both were enrolled in KRA/PGWorks, a pre-TCA requirement, the goal of which is job placement, i.e., welfare avoidance.

Their Career Pathways took different, but equally productive, directions. Working with Career Agent LaCresha Jones, Dominique enrolled in FUSE (Focus on Utilizing Self-Sufficient Energy), an intensive KRA Job-Readiness Course. And, advised by Terance Washington, Career Agent, Shalae opted for Community Work Experience, volunteering as a Day Care Assistant with a local social services organization.

They chose separate paths to success, however each worked diligently to fulfill the PGWorks program requirements, and to improve their employability status, honing their job-application, resume development, job-search, and interviewing skills.

Both achieved gainful employment within the critical 30-day window, Dominique as a Server with TGI Fridays and Shalae as a Cashier with Big K-Mart, and happily, are on the road to self-sufficiency with a new sense of accomplishment and a renewed confidence in a brighter future.

No more resumes! I got the job!!

No more resumes! I got the job!!