KRA/Resource Center Staff Serves Dinner to Families Southern Style

On Saturday evening, December 10, 2011, the Richmond KRA/Resource Center team arrived at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) with delicious southern fare to serve the families staying there.  The RMH liaison had requested a traditional southern meal instead of the normal holiday fare, and the KRA team was up to the task. After a long day at the hospital, visiting their children, the families enjoyed a feast of baked and fried chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, green beans, mashed potatoes, cabbage, potato cakes, and rice and corn puddings for deserts.  Gary Fletcher, KRA Program Manager, reported, “A mother and her family were packed and leaving for home, and would have been facing the typical fast-food fare, so we were happy for them to be  able to relax awhile with fellowship and wonderful food.”

Fletcher continued, “I want to thank Jamie, our RMH liaison, for the tour and great overview of the history of the Richmond RMH.  And, to the KRA Team, thanks for all you did to prepare and serve the food. Lydia Brown [KRA Career Agent and Community Care Day Coordinator] deserves a standing ovation for her thoughtful organization of this special evening, as well as the donations drive that resulted in boxes of food, clothes and school supplies. We would be remiss if we did not commend Mr. Domonique Goode [KRA Quality Assurance Team Leader and corporate-wide Community Care Day Coordinator] and the entire KRA Community Care Day Team for the wonderful idea and for the work involved in making this annual event happen. Meeting the families that joined us for dinner was an honor, and we hope that KRA will choose to repeat this event in the future.”

KRA Resource Center Staff at Richmond RMH