KRA's North Central CT Client Announces Re-launch of EAGER

On its website, KRA client, Capital Workforce Partners–the WIB for the North Central Connecticut Region–announced that the Hartford and New Britain  CTWorks/American Job Center offices have re-launched the EAGER (Educate and Accomplish Goals for Employment Readiness) Program!

Designed specifically to meet the workforce-readiness needs of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) recipients enrolled in the Jobs First Employment Services Program, EAGER successfully equips participants with effective job-preparation skills.

The 2-week program is a full-on KRA team effort, with program redesign initiated by Operations Manager Karen Brown, and shepherded by Unit Supervisor Karen Cirincione.  Subject Matter Experts Charles Botts and Joseph Seymour created virtual training modules and curriculum, and Career Agents Eliz Cruz and Taquisha Ramosin (Hartford) and Erica Bernard and Maria Maldonado (New Britain) facilitated the first re-launch session.

Karen Cirincione reported, “EAGER topics include job-prep skills–résumé and cover letter development; interviewing; networking; and job-searching–as well as training that enhances on-the-job success, such as customer-service skills, and interpersonal workplace communication, interaction, and problem solving .

Because we learn best by doing, not listening, EAGER is hands-on and interactive.  For example, instructor-facilitated discussions are supported by virtual training sessions, wherein students practice searching for a job, tailor a cover letter and résumé for that job, and then participate in a mock interview.  Active participation is integral to EAGER’s success!”

Recent EAGER...and Happy...Graduates

Recent EAGER…and Happy…Graduates