KRA/DC Customer Moves from Welfare to Healthcare

Vivian McCray, Career Agent, TANF Employment Program (TEP), operated by KRA for the DC Department of Human Services, reports, ” When 30-year old Ebin Vest, a single mother, was assigned to KRA, she received a 4-month exemption—because she was 8 months pregnant.”

When Ebin returned, she re-engaged with Vivian and enrolled in TEP ‘s Professional Development Program, which capitalizes on and enhances customers’ abilities, interests, and skills, resulting in an Individual Responsibility Plan for workforce success, which for Ebin was a Healthcare career.

Three months after returning, Ebin was ready to begin a 120 hour/6 week Certified Nurse Aide Program with a Virginia-based training facility.  Vivian continued, “After graduation, Ebin applied her new skills in resume development, job-searching, and  interviewing —and succeeded!  Earlier this month, she started working as a  Medical Front Desk Assistant with a Maryland-based Neurology practice, with new uniforms purchased by KRA/TEP.”

A serious barrier that Ebin faced, when she started working with Vivian, was lack of support—not just financial, but emotional. She felt that the only person “in her corner” was her.  But, with Vivian’s ongoing  encouragement and support, Ebin  is now working steadily in her chosen field, and has a brighter outlook on her future and that of her two children.

Certified Nurse Aide Ebin Vest

Certified Nurse Aide Ebin Vest