KRA/CTWorks Raises More Than $2K for UW

It was reported previously that the KRA/CTWorks One-Stop Career Center Program, in the Greater Hartford Region of North Central Connecticut, had volunteered to raise money for a very deserving local cause…the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut.  To implement the campaign, which ran from October 1 through December 31, 2012, KRA staff from the four offices devised several unique activities.  One of which, Dress-Up Jeans Day, encouraged staff to pay $5 each Friday, up to October 31st, for “dressing up” in jeans.  Another activity, was a Paper T-Shirt Contest, wherein staff paid $1 to purchase ‘T-shirts” and then decorate them with color, messages, etc.  These two activities alone netted $1,735!  A wildly successful Bake Sale, and another fun activity, Penny Wars, raised $743, for a campaign total of $2,478!

According to Jerry Santostefano, KRA Customer Service Representative, “We did fall a bit short of our goal, but we did produce an impressive result…almost $2,500…that the United Way will put to good use helping the community, especially the youth, through a wide variety of civic, educational, and social services.  Also, the fundraising campaign was a great team-building effort, bringing employees together from our four offices to support one cause.  We are all feeling a real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.”  All of KRA is proud of the outcome of this totally volunteer challenge undertaken by KRA/CTWorks.